About Us

This adventure started 12 years ago. We make sure that our ingredients pastures have healthy soil and clean water at all times.  This is verify by an agronomist.  The plants are handpicked and we only use the leaves that have no damage or injuries, finally we process the leaves withing and hour of being cut to protect the molecules and keep them preserved.

We transport the leaves in a temperature and environment control unit to ensure not to compromise and maintain the conditions they are found and provided by Mother Nature.  The goal is to maintain the natural makeup and integrity of the leaves.

In our manufacturing facility, we use a proprietary process that helps us to retain the essential oils.  This provides the quality control to create the best product possible.


Ensuring the Essential Oils are fully intact allows for a quality product.  Recommended by dentists and experts in the dental field

This makes our products safe and strong to provide you with the best product available.